Questions About Blackmores Pulse

Q.  What is Blackmores Pulse?
A.  It is a feedback forum where individuals can share their ideas and views on how to improve Blackmores. There are regular online surveys, discussions and polls covering a variety of topics – anything from feedback on ideas for new products to feedback on the latest advertising campaigns.

Q.  What will you do with the information I am going to send to you
A. Survey responses are analysed and the results are used by  the  Blackmores team to improve how we do business. Please note that the individual responses you give are fully protected by the Data Protection Act.

Q.  Where can I find out about the results of Blackmores Pulse?
A.  Where possible we will provide updates regarding how your feedback is influencing decisions at Blackmores on our ‘recent pulse news’ widget.  The “blackmores pulse recent winner” section of the website will have details on prize draw results.  Both of these will be visible once you have signed up to Blackmores Pulse.

Q.  Who manages Blackmores Pulse?
A.  Blackmores Pulse is managed internally by a team at Blackmores. To contact the team you can email support@blackmorespulse.com.au.The website software and technical support is provided by Vision Critical. For more information visit www.visioncritical.com.

Technical Issues

Q.  I cannot login.
A.  If you have just joined the community and have not yet received a confirmation email you will not be able to login to the panel. Please check your inbox and click the link in your confirmation email to complete your registration and gain access to the community.
If you are already a member of the community, please make sure that you do not enter extra blank spaces when typing/pasting in your email address or password. The password is also case sensitive. As such, please ensure the characters are entered in the correct case.
You will be able to change your password once you are logged into the portal by clicking on ‘Update’ on the top of the screen by the logout button or by clicking the 'Change Password' link.
If you are still experiencing difficulty, please email support@blackmorespulse.com.au.

Q.  I cannot remember my password or my password does not work.
A.  If you cannot remember your password, simply enter the email address you registered with into the email address box on the panel login page and click on the ‘Forgot Password’ or ‘Reset Password’ button.
A temporary password will be sent to you via email. You will be able to change your password once you are logged into the portal by clicking on ‘Update’ on the top of the screen by the logout button or by clicking the 'Change Password' link.
Please make sure you do not enter extra blank spaces when typing/pasting in your email address or password. The password is also case sensitive. As such, please ensure the characters are entered in the correct case.
Please note, we strongly recommend that you avoid clicking the ‘Forgot Password’ button more than once as each time the button is clicked, a new password is generated and emailed to you. Passwords can take up to 20 minutes to arrive, depending on your email provider. If your password does not arrive it may be that you entered an email address which is not identical to the one you used to register.

Q.  I would like to update my email address and/or password.
A.  You can update your email address and/or password anytime by logging into the panel and clicking on the ‘Update’ link at the top of the page. This will allow you to modify your email address or password.
Please ensure you choose a new password that includes 6 to 12 characters, and at least one number. An example: (login7). The password is case sensitive and must not include any spaces.
If you are changing a temporary password please enter that password in the ‘old password’ box and the new password in the ‘new password’ box.

Q.  I did not receive my confirmation email or I am not receiving emails from you.
A.  Depending on your email provider and your personal email settings, some emails sent from an automated system may be diverted directly into your Junk Mail folder. Please check your Junk Mail folder for our email. To avoid this situation, you can add our email address to your safe sender list, safe recipient list, white list (different names are used in different email programs) or to your address book.
If you have checked your Junk Mail folder and have not been able to find a copy of any email from us, please contact Support.

Q.  How do I add Blackmores Pulse email address to my safe list?
A.  Here are the steps to ensure that your survey invitations are not sent to your Junk Mail folder:
1. Open your Mailbox
2. Click on "Mail" tab
3. Click on "Options" (It is located on the top right of the page, on the same level as the four tabs labelled Today, Mail, Calendar and Contacts)
4. Click on "Junk Email Protection"
5. Click on "Safe List"
6. Type support@blackmorespulse.com.au and click "Add".

Q.  The email I received is all in code.
A.  If you are using Microsoft Outlook, check to see if you can switch from Plain Text to HTML. At the top of your email window there is a small field with the words “Plain Text” in it. Click on the down arrow to select HTML. If you continue to experience problems, please contact support@blackmorespulse.com.au .

Q.  My page is blank, not loading or I cannot move to the next page.
A.  Please allow 2 minutes for the page to load. The page may take a few minutes to load depending on your connection speed.
Refresh the page: Please try to either restart, or click the refresh/reload button on your browser. In most cases, this will load the question properly and will allow you to complete the survey.
Ensure you have a current version of Adobe Flash. To ensure your browser is working correctly with Flash, go to the link below, check your version number and follow any instructions on this page to install or update Flash: http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ 
If your browser has any add-ons that block Flash such as Click2Flash, Flashblock, Adblock or Privoxy, please turn these applications off to allow our system to access Flash.
Finally, if you have another browser on your computer, please try accessing the survey on that browser to see if that makes a difference.

Questions About Surveys

Q.  How do I complete a survey?
A.  You will be emailed a unique link (URL address) for each survey you are invited to take. Simply click on that link or cut and paste the URL address into your web browser and complete the survey online. Surveys will be different lengths depending on their content, but will typically range from 5-15 minutes to complete.

Q.  How long will I have to complete each survey?
A.  You will typically have anywhere from 72 hours to one week to complete each survey; we will typically let you know when we send you the survey.

Q.  How many surveys do I have to complete?
A.  We encourage you to take part in as many surveys as possible, however you are not required to complete a certain number of surveys to remain a member of Blackmores Pulse. Your feedback and opinions are always important to us.

Q.  How can I be sure you got my responses?
A.  If you would like to ensure that your responses have been received, you can click on the survey link when you are done. A message stating that you have already completed the survey will appear.
You can also log into the panel and look under ‘my activities’ to see if see if the survey is still pending.
If you were returned to the panel portal page after completing a survey, this also means your responses were submitted.

Q.  My session timed out while I was halfway through completing a survey. What do I do? Will my data be lost?
A.  If you have started filling out a survey and you leave your computer for an extended period of time your session might time out. However, don’t worry your data will not be lost. Simply refresh the page, or if the browser has closed, go back to the email invitation to the survey that you were sent and click on the survey invitation link. This will bring you back to the place you were at in the survey when your session timed out.

Q.  The link in my email invitation is not working
A.  Depending on your service provider, or the size of your email window, the link to a survey may be broken onto two or more lines. You may also have a link that is not completely underlined or active. You must select the entire link in order to access the survey correctly. If necessary, copy and paste the entire link into a web browser address bar to access the survey. If this solution doesn’t work, you can also find the study under “my activities” on the Blackmores Pulse home page after you have logged into the site.

Questions About Membership

Q.  Who can participate in Blackmores Pulse?
A.  To participate in Blackmores Pulse you must be over 18 years old. You cannot become a member of Blackmores Pulse if you are a Blackmores employee, if you work for Blackmores’ competitor or if you work in market research. To participate you need to become a registered member and have a valid email address.

Q.  What information is required to become a Blackmores Pulse member?
A.  A member profile is the only information required for joining the community. Your member profile will include basic contact information and data such as gender, age, education and household composition. This will help us to make your Blackmores Pulse experience more relevant to you.

Q.  Will my personal data be sold to other companies?
A.  The personal data collected by Blackmores is not sold or distributed to any company. All personal data is strictly confidential and privacy is guaranteed. Your name will never be sold, exchanged, or distributed to any other party without your prior consent. Please also refer to Blackmores’s Privacy Policy on the Blackmores website (www.blackmores.com.au) for complete details.

Q.  How do I change my email address or password?
A.  After signing into Blackmores Pulse click on “My Profile” in the top right hand corner of the page and follow the instructions.

Q.  What if I forget my username or password?
A.  If you cannot remember your password, simply click on the “Forgot password” button on the login page and your password will be automatically emailed to you. If you have forgotten your username you can send an email request to support@blackmorespulse.com.au.

Q.  How long will I remain a member of Blackmores Pulse?
A.  You may remain a member of Blackmores Pulse as long as you choose to participate, unless you are no longer eligible for reasons as detailed in our Terms and Conditions. Members may remove themselves from Blackmores Pulse by clicking the “To unsubscribe click here” links found at the bottom of all emails you receive from us or by sending an email request to support@blackmorespulse.com.au

Q.  I no longer want to be a member of Blackmores Pulse. How do I cancel my membership and unsubscribe?
A. To unsubscribe you may click on any of the “Unsubscribe” links found at the bottom of any of our emails and follow the instructions on screen to complete the process. Once you have completed this action, you will be immediately removed from the community.
An unsubscribe confirmation page will launch, please click on the “Unsubscribe” button to confirm. Alternatively you can send an email request to support@blackmorespulse.com.au.

Questions about Prizes / Rewards

Q.  Are there any prizes or rewards for completing surveys?
A.  Yes – when you register and complete the first survey you go into the draw to win one Visa gift card, valued at $500.
Also, as a thank-you for taking part every time you complete a survey you will be entered into monthly prize draws to win one of five a $100 Visa gift cards.  There is also potential to win other prizes throughout the year, depending on other pieces of work – if these prizes are relevant, it will be clearly communicated when you are invited to participate.
Please also refer to a copy of our Competition Terms and Conditions.

Q.  Do you publish a list of prize draw winners?
A.  Under the Data Protection Act we are not allowed to publish the names of the members who have won prizes without their permission. However, if we do have permission, we will publish information about the prize winners in the “Blackmores Pulse Recent Winners” section of the website. If you have won a prize and would like to tell us about it please email support@blackmorespulse.com.au. Although we can’t always communicate the names of our winners, as per our Terms & Conditions prizes will be drawn monthly. Click here for full terms and conditions.

Q. How do I know if I’ve won?
A. You will be contacted by email directly if you are the winner of a prize.  The email that you will be contacted on is the one that you provided when you first registered.  If you want to update your email address you can do this any time by logging into the panel and clicking on the ‘Update’ link at the top of the page. This will allow you to modify your email address or password.

Q. I haven’t received my prize
A. If you have been notified as a winner it can take up to X weeks to receive your prize. If after this time you still haven’t received your prize, please email support@blackmorespulse.com.au.